Only 12% of U.S. states do probate like California

California is one of seven states where probate attorney’s fees can be based on a percentage of the estate’s value. An estate’s value is determined by the total worth of a person’s properties, bank accounts, business interests, portfolios, and other assets.

For example, if a person’s estate is worth $700,000 at the time of death, then probate costs add up to around $34,000 if you hire a probate attorney. The cost can be even higher if there are family disputes over who should get what.

On Episode 16 of the Ask Amity Show, our attorneys break down California’s statutory attorney fees for probate.

They also share an important secret: families in California can completely avoid the lengthy and expensive probate process by creating an estate plan.

Questions about the probate process and how to avoid it?

Check out our free Homeowner’s Handbook to see how your family could save an average of $34,000 and avoid probate court completely with a customized estate plan.

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