The current EB-5 legislation is due to sunset on September 30, 2015, and it is unclear if new legislation will be enacted, if a short term extension will occur or if the Program will lapse.

Proposed Changes

  • Cost of investment.  Currently, Targeted Employment Area and certain Regional Center investments are $500,000.  There is discussion that the cost will be going up to possibly $800,000.
  • When will the legislation occur?  A short term extension of the current legislation may be likely however, we will not know until the House and Senate submits their bills.  The current EB-5 legislation is due to sunset on September 30, 2015.
  • If the legislation changes, what will happen to existing projects?  Will there be a grandfathering of EB-5 projects and EB-5 investors?  Senate Bill S.1501 speaks to grandfathering of EB-5 projects where an I-924 has been filed but there is no clear indication if this proposal will make it into new law.

Bottom Line
For those who are thinking of petitioning for EB-5 Investment Immigration, act NOW! You may be saving $300,000 if the new price is adjusted to $800,000 and having a petition on file prior to new EB-5 legislation being enacted is a much safer position to be grandfathered.  Nonetheless, still consider the merits of each project and analyze the job creation element with scrutiny.  
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