Employment Handbook and Human Resource Package

Over the years we have come to realize that small to medium size businesses owners have no time to learn the nuances of employment law. To assist business owners to understand and easily implement, we have created an employment handbook and human resource package which includes consultation with our attorneys and useful HR forms.

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Civil Claims for Wrongful Termination

Claims of wrongful termination based on race, sex, religion, disability and age are harder to defeat because most action that give rise to these claims are established through conduct.

Representation of Employers at Administrative Hearings

Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing employers at administration hearing with California Department of Labor and Standards and United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Civil Claims of Wage and Hour 

Wage and Hour claims include claims for missed meal breaks, rest breaks, minimum wage, overtime pay, split shift premiums, wage statements, etc.

Wage and hour violations are some of the most common civil claims against an employer, however, these claims are also easily defeated when an employer has kept the necessary employment records.